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Camp Program Ideas
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Camp Program Ideas

Camp Program Ideas

As we collect ideas for special events, incentive programs, field trips, all-camp activities, family nights, and other interesting ideas, we will post them here.

Remember - we always need your help! Please submit an activity in any of the categories below.
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  Attention getter - The leader says: "And a hush fell over the crowd!" The campers reply:...
  Elbows on the table grace song - During dinner, all kids watch each other as they eat and if they see...
  Good Morning Chant - Chant: G-o-o-d m-o-r-n-i-n-g Good morning! Hey, hey, Good...
  Good Morning Song Revised - Way up in sky the little birds fly (make arms "fly") While down in...
  I Want To Linger - Ooh ooh I want to linger Ooh ooh a little longer Ooh ooh a little...
  I'm Going to Grandpa's House -- Mind Game - At least one person knows the "answer" and starts off with "I'm going to...
  Large Group Attention Getters II - A good way to grab the attention is as follows: Camp Leader: Hey camp...
Total Results (7)

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