This is a very simple game that can include the entire group. This is the quiet version of "Scream Machine"

Everyone closes their eyes and lowers their heads, the leader calls out 1-2-3-Look! As the leader calls "look," the campers look up at one specific person.

*Campers cannot change who they are looking at during each round.

If that person is looking back at him/her, both players are out. If that person is looking at a different person, the campers put their heads back down and wait for the next call of "1-2-3 Look."

Continue the game rapidly to close the circle and eventually you'll be left with two people and the game is over.

It's not a game of skill, it's just fun!


-Make sure the group doesn't get too large. (max 25 campers) - If two people are looking at each other then they are both out.
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Submitted by: Becky Skelly

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