Split campers into two equal teams and establish a square playing boundary with equal halves
- a tennis court size area or smaller is ideal.

Teams strategically place pins in their playing area and spread themselves out as well.

On "go", the campers try and knock down the cones or pins from the other teams side. They can only ROLL the ball to the other side. Once a cone from the other side is knocked down, the player who knocked it down raises his/her hand and retrieves the pin and brings it to their side. The side with all the pins, wins!

Variation: If the ball hits a camper from knees to feet, that player goes to the other side to play for that team.


Minimum 10 campers Ages: 6 and up Equipment: a lot of soft gator balls, pins or cones (atleast 16 of them) -each team gets at least 8 pins or cones -each team gets at least 8 gator balls.
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Submitted by: Tony Marro, (10 pin knockdown - Gate Hill Day Camp)

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