This game is similar to capture the flag, and is played on an open field.

The field is divided in half and an end zone is created on each side. 121 tennis balls (or realistically as many as you need... no one's counting) are evenly distributed between two teams and placed in buckets. Each team must run to the other team's side and take one tennis ball at a time to bring back to their side. If at any point someone is caught, they must give up the tennis ball they are holding (if they have one) and remain frozen in place.

Players are freed (unfrozen) when someone from their team (who is not holding a tennis ball) tags them. The freed member gets a free walk back to their side of the field.

The back end zone is a safe zone where opposing members may wait a maximum of 10 seconds before they must leave.

The game ends whenever the game is called, and the team with the most tennis balls wins (but really, who's counting).


Field Lots of tennis balls 2 buckets objects to mark boundaries
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Submitted by: Mike Idzenga

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