School is out, vacation is here and our fun doesn't stop at Mandarin Summer Camp!

Our summer camp is offered for students in Grades preK-8 and is composed of four sessions, and each lasting 2 weeks, making the total length of the program 8 weeks long from June 11 to August 3.

Each day is composed of two parts, Morning Cultural & Historical Exploration and Afternoon Culture Enrichment Activities. A specific theme will be assigned to each session, and the weekly course curriculum, enrichment activities and field trips will be particularly designed for that theme.

Friday Lunch is included! Campers will have hands-on cooking class every Friday. But campers need to bring their own lunch, snack and drinks Monday through Thursday.


–To provide fun, communal and corporate atmosphere for Mandarin Immersion. –To offer the lessons and resources needed for a smooth transition from Summer break back to Mandarin classes in school year. –To promote more inspiring and entertaining events and activities for cultural exploration. –To introduce a gateway to learning Mandarin in a more engaging way for students who have never had exposure to Mandarin before.
  YES! Print all games and skits

Submitted by: Hao An, (Program Coordinator - All Stars Mandarin Center)

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