For best results play at night.

4 seperate teams of 20 or more with one President (Sponsor only) and 3 Juggernauts (Juniors or Seniors only). Also a water launching team of 3 for each team. Play with at least 20 players per team. The bigger the teams the more exciting and intense the game will be. Play near open spaces connected to wooded areas for best results.


Each team is given 1 glow stick representing their flag. The flag must be 25% visible at all times (meaning you can partly cover it up if on the ground). The flag must be reachable you may not hide it higher than 5 feet up in the air. Whenever an official blows the air horn each team is allowed to relocate their flag at a given risk that maybe an enemy in their territory might see them hide it.

Only two people are allowed to guard a team jail at a time. In order to get a team member out of jail you must tag them. If you succeed in saving your teammate you and him/her are granted passage back to your territory. You may only get 2 teammates at a time.

Boundary lines will be marked by marking flags every 15 feet along a boundary line. A steal is rewarded when a team takes another teams flag into their own territory. If a team loses their flag to a steal they are still allowed to attack any team in the game with the risk of being caught and put in jail. The 3 Juggernauts are given super soakers and if their water hits an enemy teammate that person must go to jail. The President is given a super soaker and a headlamp. If they are tagged they must go back to their territory and sit out for 5 minuets. A President canít be put in jail no matter what. The last team standing wins.


Water guns, Boundary line markers, glow sticks for flags if at night, Air horn. Headlamp if manageable.


Be the last team to still have their own flag.
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Submitted by: David Bergland

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