This is a great thing to start low ropes challenge courses with. It helps campers to understand how to best work together as a team. You have the campers hold up one hand and say that the thumb of that hand is used for encouragement "way to go" or "good job." The pointer finger is for delegation or instruction. But this is only for suggestions not commanding "why don't you try this?" versus "you go do that." Most campers will understand that the middle finger symbolizes negativity so you pull your middle finger to the palm of your hand and hold it down with your thumb. The bad is now being held down by the good. The ring finger is for commitment which is a promise to always work together as a team. And finally, your pinky symbolizes that even the smallest ideas may be just what the group needs to make it through an obstacle.




Help campers understand what is needed to work sucessfully as a team.
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Submitted by: Ryan Vaughan

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