Campers sit in a circle. One camper is chosen to be the detective, and leave the circle briefly. Another camper is chosen as the criminal, without the detective knowing who. The detective returns and stands in the center of the circle.
The detective goes around the circle one at a time, asking each person, "Where were you last night?" Each person has to respond to the question with their alibi (ex. I was walking my dog, I was at the grocery store, I was watching a movie, etc.). After each person has given their alibi, the detective goes around the circle a second time asking the same question. Everyone but the person who was chosen as the criminal gives the same answer as the first time, but the criminal gives a different alibi. The detective has to remember everyone's alibis from the first time around the circle in order to figure out who is the criminal. If they do not guess correctly, the criminal wins and becomes the next detective.
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Submitted by: Trea Lavery

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