Alice with legs like toothpicks, snap
And a neck like a giraffe raff raff raff raff
Alice where are you going? *whisper* Wonderland
Upstairs to take a bath, dirty dirty dirty
Alice pulled up the plug, oh no!
Oh my goodness, oh my soul, there goes Alice down the hole
To the sewer, the sewer, the sewer,
which is only three blocks away from Jones Jr high
*clapping* three cheers for Jones Jr high, best Jr high in torledo
colors are purple and white,
purple stands for freedom and white stands for FIGHT FIGHT

Note: do this 4 times each time counting down how many blocks the sewer is from Jones Jr high. The last time don't do the "which is only # blocks away from Jones Jr high" line and go straight to the cheer
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Submitted by: Isabel Measzros

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