Story: Everybody has been captured by aliens and they will be released if they help the alien to drop their eggs on Mars without breaking them. The alien has made some of their group members speechless, while the others are either totally paralyzed or deaf (just in case they try to escape or call for help)...

  1. Play with multiple groups

  2. Each group will be separated into 3 categories (noisiest, quietest, blindfolded - with the ratio of 4:4:2)

  3. The noisiest people are not allowed to talk throughout the game. They are also not allowed to physically help with the egg. They can, however, give their ideas on how to protect the egg only through body languages

  4. The quietest people are not allowed to move, they are only allowed to talk.

  5. The rest will be blindfolded but they are allowed to talk and move.

  6. Physically separate the noisiest, quietest and the blindfolded so they are out of arms reach. Although they can't touch, they can communicate with each other.

To play:

  • The noisiest people in the group will have the most ideas, but are not allowed to talk or help with the egg, so the only way to present their idea to the quietest people is through body language.

  • The quietest people in the group will have their chance to speak a lot, they are not allowed to help with the egg but they can tell those who are doing the wrapping of the egg what to do

  • The blindfolded people will do all the wrapping of the egg, they can't see what they are doing but they can listen to instructions given by the quietest people.

  • The quietest people will tell the blindfolded people where are all the items are, and how to wrap the egg

Allow 5-10 minuites for briefing, 30-35 minutes for egg preparation, 5-10 minutes to drop egg carrier from a the top of a ladder, porch, etc.

Use 10-15 minutes debriefing the activity- what they learned from this game, how they worked together, etc.


equipment given to wrap the egg: drinking straws, scotch tape and scissors


To protect two eggs from a fall
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Submitted by: Shadow Ming

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