We usually have a "water day" and the kids bring in their water guns from home. I create alkaseltzer necklaces by putting a small hole through an alkaseltzer tablet with a needle and attaching it to a string.

Each camper puts on their alkaseltzer necklace and we divide into two teams. Campers try to disolve the necklaces of their teammates by shooting at them with the water guns. It's great fun to see the bubbling tablets melting away!

Once your necklace is melted, you go to a designated spot. The last 5 kids with intact necklaces are the champs!


alka seltzer tablets, string, waterguns. Instead of water guns, small plastic bags filled with water and a small hole can be used. You squeeze the bag to make it spray the water.


To disolve the necklaces of the opposing team and keep your own necklace intact.
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Submitted by: Shannon Perry Martinez

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