Our LITs create a new evening activity each year. This summer, their version was "Water Balloon Battleship.”

They hung black plastic down the middle of the sports field, about 6 feet high. They placed camper-sized grids on the ground with string so that each camper can stand in a separate box, maybe 25 x 25 boxes on a side so four cabins can play on each side at a time.

The campers were lined up in battle groups of 3, 4 or 5 like the ships in the board game. Essentially the idea is the same: you are try to eliminate the other sides’ ships/campers, but in this case by splashing them with a water balloon.

The opposing sides can not see each others’ grid so on a count, the sides take turns lobbing water balloons over. The LITs prepped 3500 water balloons for the game night.

Each side took turns tossing the water balloons over the screen, each camper taking a turn from their square. If you get wet, you sit down in your grid until your battle group is eliminated so another cabin group can join in.

It was a huge success, with only a few hundred water balloons thrown at directors in several ambush attempts!


Water Balloons, Plastic Tarps


Get Wet! Have Fun!
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Submitted by: Al Ferreeira, (Executive Director - YMCA Camp Indian Springs)

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