Divide children into two equal groups. Each group should have the same amount of balls to start the game. Have the two groups stand on opposite sides of the center line.

The game leader shouts "All Over" to start the game. The balls can be passed to the other side by being kicked, thrown or rolled. As soon as there are no balls on one side of the center line, the game leader shouts "All Over" to signal the end of the game.

When using a large amount of balls, we would end the game after a few minutes and the group with the fewest amount of balls on their side wins.


Soft nerf like balls or beach balls. Large marshmallows can also be used. The size of the group will determine the number of balls needed. Each group should start with an equal amount of balls. You will need to have a line dividing the two teams. ( a jump rope works great)


To be the first team to pass all balls to the other team. Alternative objective: To have the least amount of balls after a timed game ends.
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Submitted by: Donna Gallmeier

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