Alligator Crossing

The Alligator Crossing is a series of platforms set out approximately 8 feet apart that the group must cross using a 6 foot board. Each platform becomes progressively smaller. The object is to get the entire group from behind a line on the ground onto each successive platform until they crossed to a span of an imaginary river without touching the ground. The group must do this without the aid of any foreign objects (sticks, rope, etc) EXCEPT the one 6-foot board they are given. The group must create a strategy, assign roles, work as a team, and assess progress throughout the entire activity.

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Sample Story Line

  1. Explain to the group that they are foreign correspondents in a far away land in the deepest part of the jungle. While doing a report on the local people, one of your group waved enthusiastically to a team of warriors, not knowing that the "wave" is a very insulting gesture. Unfortunately, you are now being chased for your lives through the jungle.
  2. You've managed to slip the war party momentarily, and your run through the jungle has led you to the bank of a very deep, wide river. There is no way to jump across it and no way to swim across it, as the current is too strong and it is infested with alligators.
  3. Fortunately for you, one of your members grew up in the 80's and remembers the game "Pitfall," where the hero safely crossed across river on the heads of alligators! And to think his parents said playing video games wouldn't pay off.
  4. Explain to the group that they can only use the 6-foot board to cross the river. The goal is to cross the river, without anyone falling in (they would be eaten) or allowing the board to touch the water (it would be instantly swept away).
  5. The group has about a 15-20 minute head start on the war party - time is ticking!

Some facilitation tips:

  • Set out a rope or stick that defines the banks of the "river."
  • The platforms should be 6" to 1' further apart than the length of the given board.
  • You can give them the board on "dry land" or have it resting on top of the first alligator platform. If it in on the first platform, the edge of the river bank should be 2-3 feet away from the first platform.
  • Decide beforehand what the consequence will be for falling off of a board, such as returning to the beginning, or the previous platform. Be cautious in assigning too stiff of a penalty (the entire group must start over, etc).

How can I build my own platforms?

Easy! Download free alligator crossing platform construction plans at


3 Alligator Platforms 1 6' 2x8 board


Cross the alligator river without being eaten!
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