For each puppet, first cut out a pair of 1 5/8- x 3-inch felt rectangles to serve as the front and back of the animal.

WOOLEY LAMB: Attach ears horizontally to the front of the lamb. Glue a bit of cotton "wool" to the top of its head and draw on the face.

MR HORSE: For ears, cut out a pair of felt ovals (about 1 1/2 inches long). Fold them in half lengthwise and glue together the lower edges. Glue the bases of the ears to the back of the puppet. Add a fringed forelock, white mane and rounded muzzle. Use a marker to draw jawlines and nostrils.

PINK PIGGY: For floppy pig ears, use 2-inch felt circles. Attach them as previously described for the horse. For pig cheeks and a snout, glue on 1-inch felt circles.

SPOTTED HEIFER: Make cow ears following the same steps used for the horse. Glue on a pink muzzle. Color bold black spots on the ears and face.


Felt scraps, Craft scissors, Craft glue, Sewing notions, Permanent colored markers, Cotton balls


Make a troupe of finger pals for a small-scale performance.
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