This game can be a lot of fun if played correctly, but since there is some strategy involved, I would not recommend it for children less than 10.

Set up:

The adult present should prepare for the game by writing roles on small pieces of paper to be chosen from a hat or a bag by the children at random. These roles include:


All of the remaining roles should be labeled as civilian.

Once everyone has their role, they should ensure not to let another camper find out what that role is. The only person who announces their role is the Mayor.

The Mayor is essentially the leader of the game. This person will tell all the other roles what to do.

Game play:

I like to tell the kids that they are now in a "town" and have them pick a name for their town. When they have chosen they can begin playing.

First the Mayor will tell the people of the town that it is curfew and time for everyone to go to sleep. All of the players except the mayor will close their eyes. The the mayor will tell the assassin to open their eyes. The mayor will then tell the assassin to pick one person to kill. The assassin can kill anyone except for the mayor and themselves. Silently, and without getting up from their seat, the assassin points to one person to kill. The mayor then tells the assassin to close their eyes.

Next the mayor will tell the doctor to open their eyes. The mayor will tell the doctor to pick one person to save. The doctor can save anyone in the circle including themselves. The mayor then tells the doctor to close their eyes.

The mayor will announce that it is now morning and everyone can open their eyes. If the doctor saved the person whom the assassin killed, the mayor will announce that everyone was saved that night, but not say who the assassin chose to kill. If the doctor did not save the person who the assassin killed, then there has been one death in the town. The mayor will announce who has died. Once you have died, you are allowed to keep your eyes open while everyone else goes to sleep, but you are not allowed to talk.

The people of the town will then attend that persons funeral. At the funeral, they will discuss who they think the assassin is. This part is most important for the judge because depending on what the civilians say, the judge will decide who the assassin is.

The mayor will then again tell the civilians to go to sleep. He then tells the judge to open their eyes and point to who they think the murderer is. If the judge guesses correctly, the civilians have one the game. If not, the mayor will continue all of these steps until the towns people correctly guess who the assassin is.

The children must use whit and strategy. The assassin must try to figure out who the doctor, and judge are so he can murder those people.

It has a lot of rules, but once the children get the hang of it they really enjoy it!


Requires game set up including a head count of players and writing roles on pieces of paper.


Everyone must work as a team to figure out who the assassin is!
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