This is a game best played in a large group. We always played it with the 6-10 year olds at our summer camp. Sit all of the children in a circle, with legs crossed. Have all children put their heads down. one person (we always had at least one adult present) would walk around the circle and tap one child on the head. This person was the assassin. The child eliminates all other players by winking at them. If you are winked at, silently count to 10, then put your feet in the middle of the circle. We always had a few drama queens who would act as if they really had been shot, and clutch their chest, and shake and scream. very funny. if the assassin eliminates everyone, then they win. They can be "witnessed" as well. If a player thinks they know who the killer is, before they get winked at, they can say they have a suspect. Such as "I suspect that Sally is the assassin." If Sally is not the assassin, then the accusers are eliminated. A less brutal version is the sandman. same thing, except being winked at means you take a nap.
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