Camp Leader says: Im going to outer space. And im going to take a

The leader picks out an object/animal/food that has the first letter in their name. (ie. Melinda would take a Marshmallow. Josh would take a Jacket.)

And so on. Pick three people that know the trick and then do it. (Lets say the three people's name is: Josh, Mariah, Katie) Then you start the game by the Leader saying:

'Im going to space and im going to take a JACKET. (Because the Leader's name was Josh. So J&J.) Mariah, would you like to go to space?'


'And what are you going to bring?'

'I'm going to bring a MUFFLER.' (Mairah and Muffler. M&M.)

'Okay. We're going to space, Katie would you like to come?'


'What are you going to bring?'

'Im going to bring a KITE.' (Katie and Kite. K&K)

And so on. Then ask the kids. It as a fun activity to get their brains thinking.


Try to get the kids to figure out the trick.
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Submitted by: Amira Faroqi

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