Stand in a circle. Make two circles (one with each hand) with the index finger and the thumb. Hold a circle over each eye. The person starting drops one hand (a quick bounce, as if the hand was tied to elastic) and says "B'gawk!!" The direction is decided by which hand is used; if the first person drops his right hand, the person to his right must then continue the action. If he drops his left hand, the person to his left continues.

If BOTH hands are dropped, the action continues in the same direction, but the person directly opposite is skipped over. The first person cannot use a double B'gawk, because direction has not yet been established.

If someone messes up (ie: B'gawks when they shouldn't, or hesitates too long), they must run around the circle flapping arms and making chicken noises until they return to their original spot, and rejoin the play. Note: the group continues to play while the chicken run around the circle - this adds to the chance of being distracted, making mistakes, and becoming a chicken. More chickens, more fun!

The goal of the game is to look ridiculous and go as fast as possible.
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