At the front of the room or on the stage there should be 4 chairs.

1. Pick 4 volunteers from the audience. You will need to pick 3 girls and a boy.

2. Send the boy into the hallway or into another room, where he won't be able to hear the conversation.

3. Ask the girls to sit in the 3 chairs beside each other. Leaving one on the end for the boy.

4. Assign each of the girls a characteristic, a trait, or ask them each to play the role of a well known movie character. Preferably, these roles, traits or characters should be funny!

5. Bring the boy back in the room, and have him sit on the leftover chair.

6. He then needs to take turns asking the girls questions and they must answer them according to their role, trait or character.

7. The boy continues asking questions until he can guess who all 3 of the girls are.

You may also take 3 boys and a girl from the audience, making this skit The Bachelorette.


4 chairs. 4 willing volunteers. An audience with a good sense of humor.


The Bachelor or the Bachelorette must guess who the other volunteers are pretending to be! This is a good group bonding activity.
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Submitted by: Bob Langille

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