There are five people needed for this skit:
- a bean-stirrer
- a bean-eater
- a doctor
- a director
- a cameraman

The skit goes like this:

The director (to one side of the main skit area) briefly explains the first variation of the skit as if the members are actors. Then, the cameraman tries to tell the director that he/she has a problem, but is turned away. The cameraman sighs/shrugs, starts filming (with an imaginary old-fashioned film camera with a crank) and the action starts.

The bean stirrer is in the center of the skit area, stirring an imaginary pot of beans with an imaginary spoon. The beaneater walks over to him/her and asks, "What are you doing?" The beanstirrer says, "Making some beans." The eater asks, "May I try some?" Beanstirrer says, "Yes."

Beaneater likes the beans, and feels fine for a while, then collapses, and dies. Beanstirrer may or may not be confused at first, and then realizes the problem and calls for a doctor. The beanstirrer never stops stirring.

The doctor asks what the problem is, and the beanstirrer explains. After optional hemming/hawing, berating/arguing with the beanstirrer, the doctor pronouces the eater dead.

The director cuts, and says that something just wasn't right, or there, and that it isn't good enough. Meanwhile, the cameraman is trying to talk to the director, but is brushed off. The director decides that it needs to be done in a different style (fast, slow, Star Wars, valley girl, mimed, etc.), and the skit resets.

The cameraman starts filming again, and the action goes on again until the director cuts again, and again it's not good, enough, so the cameraman tries to get the director's attention, is ignored, and the action starts. This is repeated several times.

Finally, the action is good, enough, and the cameraman gets to tell the director that the camera doesn't have any film, and is chased off/tackled by angry actors and director.
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Submitted by: Samantha James

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