Split campers into groups of about 10 per group.

Line the campers up in their groups on one side of a gym, space, field, etc. behind a starting line.

Have one hula hoop or cone for each team placed on the ground about 40 feet away from each team.

Blow up about 5 balloons for each team in case a couple break in the process of the game.

Have 2 kids from each group start the relay by standing back to back with a balloon between their backs. The pair must walk carefully to and around the pylon and come back to the starting line without popping or dropping the balloon between their backs.

When they return to the starting line, the next pair will start. Once everyone has had a turn they will sit down.

The first team to finish the relay wins. Note: There must be an equal amount of campers per team participating in the relay. If you are one person short, you can have someone go again!
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