Hide 4 different sets of different objects in a play area (field, woods, etc), such as pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters. Use larger objects for younger children or more difficult terrain.

Make four teams and assign a team leader to each (or let the group decide). Each team is assigned a barnyard animal and must make that sound. Examples include: pig, chicken, duck, cow, etc. Each group is then assigned one object (ducks get the pennies, etc).

Start the game by sending the teams out into the play area to find their object. The players can spread out and look independently, but only the LEADER can pick up the object.

When someone from the team finds their object, they begin to make their team's sound, until the leader comes over to collect the object. It is usually helpful for players from the same team to make their sound together to ensure that the leader hears them over the other teams.

The team with the most collected objects at the end of a designated time period wins!


A bag of peanuts in the shell. Color markers. Different colors = different points (for us).


The team/group with most points win that event/game.
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Submitted by: Lance Raymond

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