Mark boundaries on a field (rectangular in shape) and mark the exact middle point of the playing field. Mark an area inside the middle of the playing field where there will be 5 (or odd number) prizes or treasures that teams must go after. Also, on each side of the field there will be an equal number of barriers for teams to hide behind during the game.

Two equally divided teams will start on each end of the field. Each team will start with an equal amount of dodgeballs (or water balloons, sponges or flour bombs). On go, each team will begin progressing towards the middle of the field while at the same time attempting to hit the other team with dodgeballs (or whatever is used).

If someone is hit, they must leave the field and cheer on their team from the sidelines. Also, a team member can only carry one treasure away at a time. When a treasure is grabbed from the middle, it must be taken back to the start of that teamís side. If a player is hit on his way back with a treasure, they must drop the treasure where they were hit, and that treasure can be grabbed by another remaining team member. The game ends when all the treasures are taken (team with the most wins) or when one of the teams has all players eliminated.

This game is a combination of dodge ball / capture the flag / Air Raid / Indiana Jones


Tables, or some other type of items that will be used for barriers that the teams will be able to hide behind in an open field. You will need dodge balls or water balloons or whatever you will use as an object to throw at the other team. You will need several items to place in the middle of the field for the teams to go after.


Get all (or most) of the treasures (prizes / items) in the middle of the playing field. Or, by simply trying to eliminate the members of the other team.
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Submitted by: Anthony Lombardi IV

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