Divide teams evenly so that there are 3-6 players per team. Each team will be placed on a gym mat. Place gym mats evenly across the gym floor and place wooden/plastic bowling pins at each of the 4 corners. Designate one player per team as the scuba diver. The scuba diver will run around (or scooter,etc) the gym aka the ocean to collect the balls. Each team will receive two balls-torpedos and they must roll or gently throw them to knock down the other team's pins. The sailors can only guard the pins with their hands and arms- they CANNOT stand in front or else they are overboard. Only the scuba diver can be off the ship. Once a ship has no more pins, it is sunk. The last ship with pins still in tact wins.


Gym mats, pins, playground balls, gym


Sink the other ships by knocking down their pins.
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Submitted by: Christopher Casey

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