Battleships and Submarines: (Best swimming pool game) The kids are divided into two teams, the battleships and the submarines. One team lines up on one wall of the swimming pool (the wall is their base) and the other team lines up across from them on the other side of the pool. That’s their base. An all shallow-end game is best, but if there is a deep and shallow end, the battleships are in the shallow end. 20 – 30 feet apart is best unless they are really good swimmers. The battleships come off base and stand, beckoning the submarines to come and get them. The submarines swim under water and try to touch the battleships before the battleships get back to their wall. If any battleship is caught off base, the submarine comes up and gets a free walk back. The battleship who was caught, switches and becomes a submarine. The battleships try to splash any submarine who comes up for air before reaching the base. If a submarine is splashed, the submarine is caught and becomes a battleship. The object is to get everyone on your team. Battleships have to be off base to splash. Option for older players and/or excellent swimmers: As the submarine swims back to base under water, the battleship can grab their foot, trying to make them come up for air. Be careful. If the submarine can turn around and touch the battleship without coming up, the battleship is caught. I have also played in a large, Olympic pool where the battleship base was the third black line instead of the other wall of the pool.


swimming pool and kids who can swim


get everyone on your team.
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Submitted by: Lucy Grant, (Owner/director - Wet & Wild Adventure Camp (day))

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