Buy a beach ball or soccer ball with more than 5 sections on it.
Take a sharpie and write a bunch of questions on the ball in the different sections that it has. The questions should be about the kids. For example do you have any pets, what are they? Get to know you questions.
Pass the ball around a circle or a group of kids. Each person must receive the ball once before repeating begins.
When a child receives the ball they must state their name and then answer the question on the ball that their left pointer finger (this can be changed to any finger) has landed on.
This is a fun get to know you game.


A blow up beach ball or soccer ball of some sort that has more than 5 sections on it. Kids should be able to read as well.


To get to know a little bit about your campers or for campers to get to know peers.
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Submitted by: Jillian Branciforte

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