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Bed Bug Song (Revised/Updated)
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Bed Bug Song (Revised/Updated)

Bed Bug Song (Revised/Updated)

I woke up Monday morning,
I looked up on the wall,
The bettles and the bedbugs
were having a game of ball
The score was six to two
The bettles were ahead
The bedbugs hit a home run
and knocked me out of bed.

Chorus: Singing eanie, meanie and a minee moe
Chatch a whipper whopper by the toe
and if he hollers, hollers, hollers
don't let him go
singing eanie, meanie and a mine-e moe

I went downstairs to breakfast
I had ham and eggs
I ate so many pickles
the juice ran down my legs
I went into the bathroom
I sat upon the pot
ewww! those nasty pickles
They sure did hit the spot

Chorus- repeat

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Submitted by: Melissa Jee

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