Divide the players into teams of 10 people. Each team competes with itself to 'play' the game successfully. It is fun to have different players make up each team every time the game is repeated.

Each team stands in a straight line; they are tied together by passing the rope through the left loop of every player's belt. Two people on each team are given a ping pong ball.

The object of the game is to guide a soccer ball by using only their feet, from one side of the playing area to another. However, the only players who are allowed to kick the ball are those holding one of the two ping-pong balls. Every time the leader calls "SWITCH" the people holding the ping-pong balls pass them on to different members of their team.

Only one kick per time holding the ping-pong ball is permitted. After each team becomes adept at completing the run across the playing area, competitions between teams can be organized.


1 piece of rope about 15 feet long, 2 ping-pong balls, 1 soccer ball, pants or shorts with belt loops
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