We usually play this game outside, because we have four benchs in front of our building in a square, which promped us to come up with this game. But when it's bad weather we also play it inside using chairs placed in four rows, all facing the middle in a square.

One person starts with the ball and may throw it to anyone not sitting on the same bench as them. If the ball goes over the intended person's head or hits them below the knees, then the person who threw it is out.

If the recieving person doesn't catch the ball then they are out.

If the player catches the ball, they then throw it to someone else and play continues. When someone gets out they go either behind the bench or turn their chair around. The last person left sitting is the winner and starts the next round.

You can change it up by using more than one ball or adding other conditions.
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Submitted by: Emilie Damko

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