Group sits in a circle. One person is designated as the Big Booty and the rest of the group is numbered in order clockwise or counter-clockwise starting from the booty. Big Booty starts the game by saying "awwwwwwwwwwwwww Big Booty Big booty Big Booty. aw yeah, Big Booty." then "Big booty to the ___" saying a number. The person with that number must then continue the rhythm by saying "___ to the ___" (your number and then another members number, or Booty)if someone fails to answer on rhythm, they must move to the last position and everyone changes numbers (either right or left depending if youre moving clockwise or counter clockwise). if the Booty messes up, number one will become big booty and start the game again. The goal is to become Big booty


Good spirits!


to become big booty! but the game is never over, someone can always become the next big booty
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Submitted by: Julie Hernandez

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