What you need:
One package of presents per group.
One CD player with CD.
A black bag to collect all the paper.

Have each group sit in a circle. When the music starts the package passes from one person to another until the music stops. When the music stops the person who is holding the package gets to unwrap one layer. This continues until there are no more layers and the prizes are exposed. See that each camper gets one prize each.

What you need:
1 plate per camper.
1 plastic knife per camper.
1 wafer cupcake per camper.
1 blob of frosting per camper.
Candy and sprinkles to decorate.

Give each camper the above ingredients to decorate their own birthday cake candy prizes can be given for creative decorating! Eat and enjoy! If you finish early, have the campers take turns in telling stories about their favorite birthdays.

What you need:
1 bar of chocolate per group.
1 dice per group.
1 knife and fork per group.
Dressing up clothes.

This can be done in 1 big group or in individual groups (depending on the size of the groups). Put the chocolate bar, dressing up clothes, knife and fork in the middle. Campers sit in a circle and each camper has a turn in rolling the dice, if they get a 6 they get to go to the middle, put on the dressing up clothes and have a turn at eating the chocolate. They may eat as much chocolate as they can, using the knife and fork only! When someone else gets a 6 then their turn is up and the new camper gets a turn. The game continues until all the chocolate is gone.

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Submitted by: Alison Smith, (Director - Camp Sonshine Africa)

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