Within a group, two people claim that they can read minds. One person will leave the group to a place where they cannot see or hear the group. In their absence, the group will select an object in the room for the person to psychically identify. (This object can be absolute anything from the cabin door or window to a clip in a campers hair)

The group will call for the person to return and the other person that knows of the trick, will begin questioning the counselor as to what the object is.
Counselor 1:"is it the lamp?"
Counselor 2:"no"
Counselor 1:"is it Jessica's purple shirt?"
Counselor 2:"nope"
Counselor 1:"is it that black shoe?"
Counselor 2:"no"
Counselor 1:"is it Mary's necklace?"
Counselor 2:"YES"

The second counselor knew it was Marys necklace because it came AFTER a black item. Hence "Black Magic"

You can do this as dramtically as you want to. example: Pretend to read the other counselors mind before you begin.


That at least two people know the trick at the beginning of the game. Remember: the selected object is immediately after a named BLACK item!!


To figure out how the starters of the game are "psychic."
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Submitted by: Meghan Carr

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