I have a little present her for you
Inside this tiny bottle so very small and blue
Please do not uncork it, simply put it on away
For inside there lies a summer’s day
Put it on away

I’d be pleased if you didn’t ask why I gave this gift to you
I don’t know myself, did it on a whim
As the thought came running through
I just wanted to make you happy
In a summertime sort of way
And I thought you might like your own summer’s day
Put it on away

Can you read the writing on this tiny bottle’s wall?
I know that it’s quite small, but I can read it all
It says “she who is reading me is looking right at my side
And might be sort of interested at what lies inside
There’ll be one breath of a butterfly
One ray from the sun
And lots and lots of laughter from little children’s fun
Don’t you dare uncork me, or everything will fly away”
I just wanted you to have a summer’s day
Put it on away
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Submitted by: Jen S

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