Two campers are walking through the woods. They come to a campsite and realize they only have a one person tent.

With a little bit of bickering, they decide who will sleep in the tent and who will sleep on the ground. Both campers get comfortable and fall asleep.
Four more campers (unseen to the audience and positioned one in each direction (north, south, east, & west) call out:

North: "From the North"
South: "From the South"
East: "From the East"
West: "And from the West"
All Four: "We're the Blue Trolls!" (loudly)

All Four Trolls rush in from their respective directions and beat up the camper sleeping on the ground. As swift as the came, they then return to their spots.

The bewildered camper runs to the camper in the tent (who was unaware of the Blue Trolls attack) and yells "A monster, I was just attacked by a grueling, vicious, horrifying creature," etc. He pleads that he should have the tent and the other camper should try sleeping on the ground.

The camper in the tent tries to comfort the scared scout and assures him that there are no "creatures" out there. Both scouts go to sleep again.

The same episode is repeated where the Blue Trolls call out, rush up, beat up the camper on the ground, and leave.

Again the camper is hysterical and pleads again to switch places with the scout in the tent.

The scout in the tent, a bit upset now and wanting to get at least a little sleep, agreed to sleep outside.

Again the same episode with the Blue Trolls is repeated. Except this time as they are rushing up and just as they are in mid-swing, one of them says "Wait, we've gotten this guy enough, let's get the guy in the tent!"

And they then proceed to pound the unfortunate camper in the tentů

This skit is also known as the Rough Riders, Blue Trolls, the Raiders. In fact, you can call it whatever you like!
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