One member of a group steps into the center of the group who are circled around that member. The outside group put their arms around eachother as in a huddle and pass an object around the outside of the circle. the person on the inside of the circle must try to guess who has the object while turning slowly and the group is jumping and repeating "Bob the Weasel keep it goin' keep it goin'".

If the person inside the circle has their back turned to the person in the circle with "Bob" that circle member may hold up the object and everyone would say "I saw the weasel,
I saw the weasel" and then return to the original "Bob the Weasel Keep it Goin' keep it Goin'"

When the person in the middle correctly guesses who has the weasel, the person holding the weasel goes in the middle.


a small object that can be inconspicuously passed, we found that small sticks or a disposable camera work as well as pen.


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Submitted by: Kitt Tette

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