To begin the game, select one person to be the “chaser”.

The leader begins the activity by calling out a body part. So, now the “chaser” has to use that body part to tag another person.

Once the “chaser” tags a person, that person becomes the “chaser” – the previous “chaser” no longer has to tag but becomes one of the “chasees”. However, before the new “chaser” begins to tag people, the previous “chaser” needs to tell the new “chaser” to use a different body part to tag with. The leader can add another component to this activity by instructing the students, throughout the game, to move in a variety of ways (i.e., hopping on one foot, walking slowly, moving like a gorilla, tip toeing, etc).

NOTE: Feet or knees are not appropriate body parts to use.
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Submitted by: Jay Bhadra, (Body Tag - Charles Sturt University)

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