Our vision is to be instrumental in the development of youth throughout the tri-state area with a direct focus in New York City using basketball as a motivation. We are dedicated to increasing opportunities for young people through basketball clinics. Our mission is to provide a safe healthy learning environment where youngsters can build their self-esteem, confidence and basketball skills in order to enhance their quality of life.

It is our goal to provide youth summer basketball clinics to improve basic fundamentals, skill level and knowledge of the game.


It is our goal to provide specialized individual instruction, group dynamics, incorporating conditioning and stretching techniques that will be beneficial for life. It is our goal to provide an enriching experience through fun innovative games, development of competition, and positive sports behavior. ActiveJac's coaching staff and counselors at City College of New York are dedicated to ensuring that your child's experience will be enjoyable, successful, and memorable.
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Submitted by: Jamie Angeli

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