Only the girls sing this, there is a version the boys sing too but they slam their hands on the table while singing it and I can't make out a word they are saying.

Boys are made of
Greasy, grimy, gopher guts
Chopped up monkey meat
Mutilated birdy feet
Two big eye balls
Swimming in a bowl of soup
Oops I forgot my spoon
But I got my straw

Boys are made of
Chocolate covered strawberries
Ice cream and caramel
Chocolate and marshmallows
Two big gum balls
Swirling down a lollipop
Oh we love our bo-oo-oys

Then the boys would start slamming their hands on the tables and sing something, all I could catch was:

Girls are made of
Sugar, spice and all things nice
Oh we love our gi-ir-rls
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Submitted by: Jacqueline Allen

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