Get your group of campers to sit in a circle and collect any random FIVE objects in the area or on the campers. They can be theme-related if you like...

Line the objects on the floor in a straight line

As your doing so, explain to the campers about how all camp leaders have the ablility to read minds and how your going to prove it to them right now by playing a mindreading game called "BRAIN."

Send another leader (who is in on the trick) away from the group for a bit. Ask the campers to vote by a show of hands for whatever object they want. Pick ONE object.

Here's where the trick comes in..

The 5 objects each represent a letter in order from left to right which spell out the word "BRAIN." (Don't tell the campers this!)

Thing 1 = B Thing 2=R Thing 3 =A Thing 4=I Thing 5=N

When you call the other leader back to the group, call them back by saying a sentence that STARTS with whatever letter of the word "BRAIN" that the object picked represented.

[EG.] If the campers picked object #3 (which is A)
then you can call the other leader back by saying something like
"Alright you can come back now" or
"Ahh i dont think your going to get this , come back"

The other leader then comes back to the group and picks the correct object.

As the campers stare in shock ask if any of them would like to try and mindread, too.

Keep playing untill enough people have guessed the trick or until everyone has given up.

This is a perfect warm up or transition game!


5 random objects 2 leaders who are in on the trick
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Submitted by: Nadine Wehbe

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