For this camping art activity you’re going to make a brown bag tree. What? Really. The tree is made in just a few simple steps. All you need is one brown lunch bag per participant and a little imagination.First you’ll need to tear some strips from the top of the bag down to just above the middle of the bag. Leave the strips attached (unless tree is chopped to bits). If you do only a few strips, your tree will have only a few big branches. More strips, more branches.Next, open the bag so that it stands up on its base. Place one fist around the bag just above the base and with the other hand you twist. This forms your trunk.Last you form the branches by twisting the strips you made in the first step. As you twist you can shape (as much as a brown bag will let you). Voila! Brown bag tree. If you want to you can rip strips in the base, twist as before, and make gnarly roots.


One brown bag per participant


Use this camping activity to get the kids to really look at the trees in your area. How do they branch? What overall shape do they form? Are they tall and skinny, or round and full?
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Submitted by: Shari Woodbury, (Owner/Operator)

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