This skit involves 3 staff members and a bucket of water.

One person submerges their head in the water for as long as they can hold their breath (this is so that they "can not hear" the other two).

While they are in the water, the other two begin to improv anything at all. (Always you caution and good judgment and donít hold breath longer than comfortable.)

When their breath runs out, the first staff member whips their head out of the bucket, and the campers all yell "FREEZE!"

At this point, the other two do exactly that, frozen in position whatever they were doing. The person with the head in the bucket contemplates the other two and taps one to move to the bucket and take his place.

As soon as this person has their head in the bucket, the others improvise something new with the still frozen person doing whatever strikes them as entertaining.

Example: Person A pulls their head from the bucket and observes Person B frozen leaning over Person C who is frozen with their hands in front of them, appearing to be holding themselves. Person A taps out Person B who then submerges their head. Person A then says to C, "Now, Johnny, I told you that when you have to go potty, you have to TELL someone. Etc.)

It takes a little improv skill, but campers always love it!


3 staff members, and campers that want to laugh


To amuse through improv
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Submitted by: Jennifer W

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