This is a call and repeat song with hand motions. Repeat after everyline, there is no chorus

Way out in the dessert(sweep hand out)
Where cactus knows no man(pose like a cactus, then like a man)
Lived a buffalo and his brother(for buffalo put hands on the side of your head like antlers. For Brother, put hands on the front and back of your head.)
Lying in the sand(Use hands as a pillow)
Said the buffalo to his brother
Why do you lie that way(sign why)
But the brother did not answer
'Cause he's been dead since may(Fold hands like in prayer)
Dead since may!(This line should be sung horrifically off key.)

Second Verse, Same as the first, a whole lot louder and a whole lost worse. In the kitchen!

Way out in the refrigerator(Make a rectangle in the air.)
Where coleslaw knows no man(Pretend to be stirring a bowl)
Lived a buffalo and his butter(Mime spreading butter)
Lying near the spam
said the buffalo to his butter
why do you lie that way?
but the butter did not answer
cause it was not parkay(use hands to mime talking.)
Not parkay!!!!!
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Submitted by: Joey Daly

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