1st camper walks slowly along when all of a sudden 2nd camper (the bully) says give me all your money!

1st camper says NO! The 2nd camper pushes him and mugs him.

The narrator speaks... "Have you been bullied? (1st scout nods) picked on, (nods) or mugged? (nods) Then you need 'Bully Be Gone'... (Scout looks confused) Bully Be Gone, the NEW Invisible wall in a can!"

(Next Day)

Bully: Hey kid, give me all your money, or you'll get another womping, except worse!

Camper: No! (Quickly pulls out can and sprays)

Bully: What's this? Here you go!! (throws punch) OW MY HAND!!!!!!!!!

(KICKS) OW MY LEG!!!!!!!!!!!

Camper pushes wall on the bully.

Bully: (Screams) I SURRENDER!!!
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