Campers stand in a circle and pass a ball around. One camper sits in the middle of the circle and silently counts to 20 with her eyes closed. When she reaches 20, she yells, "Burn!" Whoever is holding the ball when the camper in the middle says, "Burn" is out.

The camper in the middle can count as quickly or as slowly as she wants, so the people in the circle don't know when she will reach 20.

When you are out, you must sit down with your legs stretched straight out in front of you. When the game starts back up, the person to the left of you must jump or step over your legs in order to pass the ball to the next person. It gets really funny/frantic when four or five people are out in a row and someone has to step over all of their legs in order to pass the ball before he/she is "burned".

Make sure your campers walk instead of run during this game, especially younger ones, because they have a tendency to rush and could step on the legs of the people who are out.


Just a ball, any size is ok but smaller balls probably work best.


To be the last person standing.
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Submitted by: Emily S.

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