Fun, Exciting and Informative! These three terms sum up the FICA Young Investors Wall Street Summer Camps. During the camp Young Investors enjoy hours of fun, exciting and informative financial intelligence training, video and games, financial field trips to local business districts, and guest speakers from some of America's largest corporations. FICA Young Investors Wall Street Summer Camps are usually held on the campuses of some of America's most prestigious Colleges and Universities. In addition, each summer camp has been designed to provide special emphases on certain key economic industries, such as: Travel & Tourism, Technology-Communications, Entertainment-Media, Energy-Space Technology, Commodity Markets, Franchise Corporations, Banking, Insurance & Investments, Toys & Sporting Goods. In addition, field trips may be planned to the movies and other local entertainment centers. All activities are designed to enhance and enrich the learning process. As a result, learning to about the world of finance and business has never been this much fun!


Good reading, writing and math skills.


Increase the business and financial intelligence training applications.
  YES! Print all games and skits

Submitted by: Frank Parks, (President - FICA Young Investors Wall Street Summer Camp)

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