Boy 1 is standing in middle of stage.
Boy 2 comes out with his hands cupped.
Boy 1 "What do you have there?"
Boy 2 "Dude! I caught a butterfly!"
Boy 1 "What are you gunna do with it?"
Boy 2 "I'm going to trade it for a stick of butter!"
Boy 1 "There's no way. Nobody would go for that deal!"
Boy 2 leaves and comes back a few seconds later eating a stick of butter.
Boy 1 looks impressed
Boy 2 "I told you so" walks off other side of stage

Repeat this with a Horsefly traded for a Horse, a Housefly traded for a House, a Dragonfly traded for a dragon. Each time Boy 1 gets more skeptical and is more impressed each time Boy 2 returns.

Boy 1 "What do you have this time?"
Boy 2 with big grin "I caught a LADYBUG!"
Boy 1 "Wait! I'm coming with you!!"
They run off stage
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Submitted by: Peter Ward

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