This a counting/math themed game.

The leader picks a number that the group is going counting to using the special rules below.

The first person starts by saying "One." Starting to that person's left, each person will say either the next sequential number, or the word "Buzz," according to the rules of the game until the group reaches its goal.

When someone says "Buzz," the direction of the people saying numbers reverses.

If someone in the group makes a mistake, the group starts the process over, with the person who made the mistake starting that round.

The "Buzz" rules:

The following numbers are to be replaced with the word "Buzz:"

Any number that is a multiple of 3 (3,6,9,12,15...)
Any number that is a multiple of 7 (7,14,21,28...)
Any number with double digits (11,22,33...)

Here's an example:

1, 2, Buzz (reverse direction), 4, 5, 6, Buzz (reverse direction), 8, Buzz (reverse direction), 10, Buzz (reverse direction), Buzz (reverse direction), 13, Buzz (reverse direction), and so on...


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