Each cabin group is an individual team. Cabin counselors are included on the team. Camp is mapped out in on & off limits zones. There are as many clues as you want depending on the time frame you are using. In this example there were 14 teams & 28 clues. Object is to have groups work as a team using each camper’s skills to work towards the goal.

The team that has the most completed clues at the end wins. To get a completed clue, you must bring back the correct index card with the matching code for the clue that you were given. Ex.Clue: This is where the Old Towns live. (Canoe Dock) There would be an envelope in an obvious place at the canoe dock with index cards inside. There would be a 2 letter code on the card – CD. When the entire team returns to their score keeper, if the card is the correct, the team is given the next clue. If not, then they are told that the card is incorrect & they have to try again. (They can keep the index card they found to use as the answer to a future clue.) The scorekeeper keeps the index card when the clue is correct. (That is how you tally who has the most) Activity continues until predetermined ending time. Bell is rung at the end of the game & the group meets at a designated area to go over clues & answers. The team with the most completed clues wins.

Bonus Fun Part
Each scorekeeper gets to know the cabin well by having them count off by name each time they return for a new clue. This double checks that the team is all accounted for & together.

Nuts & Bolts

Number of Staff Required -One scorekeeper per team, (14 in this example) 1 or 2 roving judges, looking out for any problems or incidents. In addition, the cabin counselors from each cabin are involved with their group.

Number of Campers Required – This activity can be enjoyed by a varying amount of campers. Our cabin groups are between 8 & 10 campers & counselors. 14 cabins would have between 110 & 140 campers involved. This can be used with as little as 2 cabin groups & as many as 20.

Age Appropriate for: Campers between the ages of 8 & 17 can enjoy this activity. Depending on the age of the campers, the clue difficulty would be adjusted. This activity seems to be the most popular with the campers between 11 & 15.

Length of Activity – Activity time can vary depending on # of clues. However we normally break it down like this: 20 minutes to gather the group, explain game & rules
55 minutes to play the game
15 minutes to gather & wrap it up.

Estimated Set Up Time – 1 ˝ hours: print clues, cut them up, put them in envelopes, make index cards for envelopes at each destination (# matches # of teams), print rules for each team, make a scorekeeper clue list, choose scorekeepers & give them each a cabin group to be in charge of, train scorekeepers on their duties, send staff out to hang the index card envelopes at the proper destinations.

Space Required – The space required depends on the number of teams & clues. In this example, we used about half of camp. It can be adjusted to fit the age & abilities of the group it is designed for.
Helpful Hints - Start each cabin on a different clue. (Plan that with the scorekeepers before the game) Have all the groups find their scorekeeper after the rules have been explained, then give the go ahead sign when you are ready for them to give out the first clue.


Clues made up & cut into slips, corresponding cards made for each clue area in envelopes (enough for each team), campers & counselors dressed in appropriate shoes & clothing, Scorekeepers with clue answer sheet & envelope of all clues for their team.


The goal is to acquire the most completed clues in the amount of time allotted.
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Submitted by: Kelly Carew, (Camp Greystone)

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