Place objects numbered 1-20 in a circle made from rope (or on a table, etc) to make your calculator.

Have the group stand "on base" in a different area 15-20 feet away from the calculator.

Explain to the group that they must start and finish on base. Once you say,"Go," the group must run to the calculator and take turns pressing and saying aloud numbers 1-20 in order. Once they've reached 20, they must return to base. The timer starts when they leave base, and stops when the whole group has returned.

The group must work together to create an initial plan, and continue to refine their plan to improve their time.

Specific Rules:
  • The group must start and finish on base.

  • Everyone in the group must touch a number.

  • Only one person can touch each number

  • Everyone must remain on the outside of the calculator, and can only reach in to touch their number (ie, no stepping across, or standing inside)

Debriefing Questions:
  • Was the challenge more or less difficult than you originally thought?

  • How did refining your plan help you improve your time?

  • Who took a leadership role?

  • What things did you do as a team to accomplish this task?


  • 20 items (coffee lids, rug squares, pieces of paper, etc) numbered 1-20.
  • A large rope that can make a circle large enough to surround all items snugly.
  • A stop watch


To work as a team to see how fast the group can touch the numbers sequentially from 1-20.
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